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Welcome to the website of Paul CookPaul Cook makes a range of split cane and hollow cane rods as well as a range of beautifully decorated floats and float tubes. Paul also restores cane rods, plus many other related items of fishing tackle. Paul has also published his first book,  "Lost in a Quiet World".

If you have a question for Paul about any of the items on the website, please send him an email.

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Some examples of Paul's rods

Paul Cook Rods

All my split cane rods are hand-built and finished by myself. I aim to achieve a good quality service and each rod is inspected by myself before leaving the workshop.
Some examples of Paul's floats

Floats and Float Boxes

All floats are handmade using only the best quality materials available. 
Cork bodied floats are filled and smoothed before varnishing. Click the link to see the range.
A picture of a fish

Paul Cook Artwork

A selection of Paul Cook's original artwork is available to purchase, 
including the original ink drawings from my books. Click the link to see the gallery.
The Lost in a Quiet World book

Lost in a Quiet World

This is a limited edition publication, written and beautifully illustrated throughout by Paul. .