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Lost in a Quiet World book coverPaul Cook has illustrated many well known famous books, magazine articles and private commissions.

Titles include:

  • Lost in a Quiet World** by Paul Cook...Click Here
  • Carp and the Carp Catchers' Club by "FADDIST"
  • The Carp Catchers' Club by Maurice Ingham
  • The Open Cree by H.T. Sheringham
  • Anglers Hour by H.T. Sheringham
  • The Float by Keith Howard
  • The Fly by Andrew Herd
  • Barbel by J.W. Martin
  • The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton
  • Great Pike Stories by Fred Buller
  • "Lizarralde" The Man who Fished for Barbel by John Langridge
  • Skies of Fire - Rivers of Gold. The Autobiography by Fred Crouch
  • Below the Weir** by Peter Rogers.

    ** The original Artwork from these books is available for purchase.